Riverford Home Delivery & Satmo Case Study

Riverford home delivery van

The Riverford box scheme began when Guy Watson started delivering vegetables locally to 30 friends in Devon.

Riverford Home Delivery now deliver around 50,000 boxes a week to homes around the UK from their regional farms. Andrew and Susan run the first Riverford Home Delivery franchise that Satmo have started to track this year.

Lets find out a little more about them.

Andrew and Susan are the local franchisee for Riverford Organic covering West Yorkshire & part of North Yorkshire. They deliver organic fruit & veg fresh from the farm direct to homes throughout the area, with approximately 800 deliveries a week.”

They have three vans.

veg box delivery from Riverford home delivery

What was the problem?

Andrew had been using vehicle tracking for a number of years mainly for accurate time sheets and to know where his vans were. He was looking for a system that offered a more indepth reporting that was suitable for his business.

Why vehicle tracking as a solution?

Initially vehicle tracking was the best solution for his business needs. It allows them to see real-time information of delivery times and where the vans are.

Why Satmo?

Andrew was previously a customer of Quartix for many years. He said “the system was OK but it didn’t provide the level of reporting I get from Satmo that helps me run the business”.

How does your business work differently because of the Satmo tracking solution

Since having the Satmo trackers fitted to the vans Andrew and Susan have expanded and bought the neighbouring franchisee’s area. The delivery routes in the new area were not efficient for time or fuel.

They said “with the use of the map view of where the vans are, we have adjusted our rounds to be more efficient for both fuel & time. This has had a great effect, reducing our fuel use by approx. 20%. By changing the delivery routes to be more efficient, the trackers have reduced the delivery day for the driver by roughly 2 hours”.

This is a great saving for Andrew and Susan, as it has enabled the driver to do more deliveries, saving them investing in another van & employee, they also have a happier employee as he can see the benefit for himself too.

Riverford Home Delivery logoHow can Riverford Home Delivery help you?

Riverford franchisee’s across the country will be happy to help you with an organic fruit and veg box. However they offer more than this.

The website is packed with hints and tips on how to store and cook each veg perfectly, and the recipe boxes means that you can cook up something new and tasty with all the ingredients boxed up for you.

How do they compare to supermarkets?

  • Their produce is fresher than almost all supermarket veg; it comes straight from them to you, not via packers and distribution centres
  • The varieties they grow are picked for flavour, not cosmetic perfection or handling properties
  • You know exactly where it comes from and you can go and see it growing
  • Riverford give a consistently fair deal to growers and work with them over the long term
  • They have looked after the environment since day one – by the way they grow, by minimising waste, minimising and recycling packaging, and paying close attention to every aspect of their carbon footprint (which vehicle tracking will help with!)
  • Delivery is free

Riverford is truly all you need for vibrant, veg packed family meals.

Find out more

Want to know more about Riverford Home Delivery

Find out more about how Riverford Home Delivery can help you or your clients by visiting their website

If you would like to be part of a case study about how Satmo has helped your business then please give Fiona a call in the office on 01274 587748, or email your details to fiona.taylor@satmo.co.uk and we will get all the necessary details from you.


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