Key Features

Discover the key features of the Satmo system

Key Features of the Satmo System

Whether you want to improve driver behaviour, determine which vehicle is closest to a postcode or calculate overtime and cost allocations, the Satmo system provides customers with all the features they could want and need from a tracking solution.

We write all of our software in house to allow us to tailor the system to your exact specifications. By providing you with only the functionality you want and need, we will ensure you are not paying over the top prices for features that you won’t use.

With an easy to use interface, an expert team always on hand to help and functionality to meet your specific business requirements what more could you need?

For a complete list of features and available bolt ons please get in touch with our friendly team to arrange a demo.

Driver Behaviour Reporting

Improve the way your employees drive with behaviour reporting. Use the data gathered as part of a one-to-one meeting with your driver to improve their fuel efficiency and safety awareness.

Instant Alerts

Get instant alerts to notify you of key events including when vehicles are entering or leaving a specific area, congestion zone alerts, LEZ alerts and customer visit notifications.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Manage your fleet from anywhere, anytime using your phone, desktop, laptop or tablet. Set up user accounts specific to vehicles or vehicle groups if necessary, and restrict access times to working hours only.

Real Time Tracking

See exactly where your vehicles are at any moment in time with live updates as standard– watch your vehicle move down the road.

Full Activity Breakdown

All trips, all times, all stops, all speeds – see the routes that the vehicle has taken, the speeds travelled and the times they start and end each journey.

Find Nearest Feature

Identify the best vehicle for the job and minimise time spent on the road using the ‘find nearest feature’.

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