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Reduce operational costs & improve your fleet efficiency

Bespoke vehicle tracking solutions tailored to your fleet needs

Vehicle tracking is perfect for any business wanting to improve its efficiency, productivity, and accountability. And with comprehensive tracking solutions starting from just £10 a month it’s affordable too.

Our proven track record has seen thousands of businesses across the UK significantly reduce fuel usage and running costs. With bespoke solutions tailored to your business needs and an expert team always on hand to help, you can be sure you will get the most from your vehicle tracking.

Is it time for you to take back control of your fleet? Start improving your efficiency & productivity today.

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What makes Satmo Vehicle Tracking Different?

Proven Track Record

Whilst we aren’t the biggest provider of vehicle tracking we like to think we are up there with the best. Over the past 6 years we have built up a proven track record helping thousands of customers reduce costs and improve their fleet efficiency.

Competitive Pricing

With comprehensive tracking solutions starting from just £10 per month our pricing is super competitive. By providing bespoke solutions tailored to your requirements we ensure you only pay for the features you want & need.

Simple & Intuitive

With an easy-to-use interface and simple installation, you don’t need a physics degree to get started. Our software has been designed to be simple and intuitive. It enables businesses to better manage their fleet and deliver real benefits.

Friendly Helpful Team

Our expert team are always on hand to help you get the most from your vehicle tracking. We take the time to listen and build relationships with all of our customers to allow us to provide a better service at a lot better rate.

Bespoke Solutions

Unlike the majority of companies offering vehicle tracking we have our own in-house development team that can adapt our system to meet your exact needs. No longer do you have to “make do” with a system that is written for a generic business model.

Latest Technology

Our software is constantly evolving to ensure our customers benefit from the latest technology. With regular updates and constant investment into our products we will make sure your business isn’t left behind.

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Get vehicle tracking today from as little as £10 a month

Request a custom quote tailored to your fleet and business needs

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Don’t pay extra for the vehicle tracking features you don’t need

We write all of our software in house to allow us to tailor your vehicle tracking features to your exact specifications. By providing you with only the solutions you want and need, we will ensure you are not paying over the top prices for features that you won’t use.

Real Time Tracking

See exactly where your vehicles are at any moment in time with live updates as standard– watch your vehicle move down the road.

Full Activity Breakdown

All trips, all times, all stops, all speeds – see the routes that the vehicle has taken, the speeds travelled and the times they start and end each journey.

Find Nearest Feature

Identify the best vehicle for the job and minimise time spent on the road using the ‘find nearest feature’.

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Driver Behaviour Reporting

Improve the way your employees drive with behaviour reporting. Use the data gathered as part of a one-to-one meeting with your driver to improve their fuel efficiency and safety awareness.

Instant Alerts

Get instant alerts to notify you of key events including when vehicles are entering or leaving a specific area, congestion zone alerts, LEZ alerts and customer visit notifications.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Manage your fleet from anywhere, anytime using your phone, desktop, laptop or tablet. Set up user accounts specific to vehicles or vehicle groups if necessary, and restrict access times to working hours only.

Get started with Vehicle Tracking today from as little as £10 a month

Request a custom quote tailored to your fleet and business needs

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Satmo Vehicle Tracking
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Bill Cassidy - Norther Corrugated Cases Ltd
Saves us time and money
Location: Bradford

The Satmo Vehicle Tracking system has helped us in a number of ways;
1 – We can find out where the drivers are.
2 – We can find out details of any incidents, accidents or road works, then can contact the drivers to divert them on a different route.
3 – If they get lost we can redirect them.
The Satmo system is excellent for our insurance, we have had reports that our drivers have hit a vehicle or caused a disturbance but when we have reviewed the activity logs we can confirm that the drivers were nowhere near the reported incident. We have just forwarded the activity reports to the insurance company who have decided not to pursue the claims after our evidence.
We have also used the system to successfully defend parking tickets that have been issued when our drivers have had to wait to enter a premises, or outside a customers’ site, they were not parked illegally.
In all the Satmo Vehicle Tracking System has saved us money and time, it is an excellent product that I would highly recommend to any company.

 by Brian Gibson, Signs with Flair
Satmo helped me become more cost efficient
Location: Belfast

I am definitely feeling the benefit of having the SATMO tracking system installed. Paying overtime is now an easy process and I believe tracking has helped us be a more cost efficient business as well as offering customers a better level of service.

 by Jeremy Clarke - Spruce Pools
The system is brilliant!
Location: UK

We find the system brilliant. We thought long and hard about whether to proceed down this route and now wonder why we left it so long. Really impressed with SATMO on every level and now consider it a vital tool.

 by Dave Key - Premier Home Clean
Wish I'd had it earlier
Location: Lincs

Having had the use of the SATMO system I am now in full control of my company vehicles. It has saved me both the worry of where my vehicles are and saved my Company money in the long term. I only wish I had installed them earlier.

 by Phil Jeffs - MK London Link
Brilliant for what we need
Location: Milton Keynes

I approached Satmo because I needed to save some money on our fleet running costs; fuel prices were starting to increase and we needed something that would help us keep control of our spending. Satmo helped me to find the right tracking package for our needs and arranged the contract and installation with minimal disruption to our working day. The result is that we have saved money on fuel and are still saving money now; if one of our customers phones to find out where their parcel is we can tell them in an instant without having to call the driver and distracting him.
The system is brilliant for what we need.
One thing that I like is that I am always greeted with a friendly voice when I call, the service is exceptional, and if we need to call Satmo for anything they are there straight away to help with whatever query we have.
I would recommend Satmo to anyone who are looking to get full control of their fleet. Get a tracking solution fitted, give Satmo a call, you won’t be disappointed.

 by David Longfellow- J L Brooks Ltd
Location: Leeds. UK

I can really see the advantage of using SATMO. Our tailor made package is easy to use and informative. It has been invaluable to our Company!

 by Kris - Esprit Automation
Satmo - It just works!
Location: Nottingham

The system just works for us, the the main reason we wanted it was because customers call us for an ETA and we can instantly tell them the information. It is the greatest selling tool for us. Satmo have been extremely helpful in all our dealings with them and I would recommend them to everyone.

 by Sally Morgan
Dealing with Satmo is straightforward
Location: Kings Lynn

We first got in touch with Satmo almost 5 years ago now when we were exploring the possibilities of vehicle tracking for our small fleet. We had a great online demo where we were able to see the software in action and ask as many questions as we needed to. There were several companies in the running but we chose Satmo as they were the most flexible and were prepared to work with us to give us the statistics and information we needed.

Installation was very smooth and we have never had any issues with the units supplied. Any queries have been answered swiftly, and where appropriate, changes made to our portal. When the initial contract ended, we were in the process of changing vehicles. Purchasing our new vehicles took longer than expected but Satmo were very accommodating and offered different options until we were ready to upgrade.

Dealing with Satmo is straightforward and all members of the team are friendly and approachable. We didn't hesitate to renew and upgrade when the time came.

 by Anthony Fisher
We've saved over £13,000 in our first year of vehicle tracking
Location: Bradford

Since using the Satmo vehicle tracking system we have estimated we have saved £13,000 over the first year. We have streamlined our call outs and our costs have plummeted. The best thing about Satmo is knowing where all are vehicles are at all times and knowing exactly what we are spending on fuel and staff costs.