Company Profile

We aren't the biggest, but we aim to be the best

We have one simple aim as a company. To offer and maintain the most advanced and cost effective vehicle tracking solution in the industry.

Our growth over the last few years has seen several major vehicle tracking development plans moved forward and completed ahead of schedule as well as the launch of some industry leading features. All new products under-go rigorous testing and are not released without positive user feedback.


It is not always the most established companies that offer the best product or service, just because a company has been established longer, it does not necessarily make them the best or most secure option. Because we have more time to listen and build relationships with all of our customers, we can provide a better service at a better rate.

Our product range continues to grow with constant investment. Because we write our software in-house, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and developing a vehicle tracking solution based on the ideas, requests and requirements that any customer may have. We aspire to fulfil all requests to create the best bespoke system possible that has been specifically tailored to each company’s needs.