Do you know how to change a tyre?

change a tyre

Do all your team know how to change a tyre?

The need to change a tyre will only occur in what is probably already a difficult situation. Nobody changes a tyre just because they have time, it is usually because something has happened or you have noticed an issue while you are looking at the vehicle.

A number of people think that changing a tyre is something that has to be done by a mechanic, and worry that they won’t be able to do it. However, changing a tyre is fairly straight forward. All you need to do is take one step at a time.

Calling it changing a tyre is slightly misleading as you are actually changing the whole wheel, you should have a spare in your vehicle for just this situation.


Eight steps you require to successfully change your own tyre, hassle free

  1. warning sign for when you change a tyreMake sure that you are on a flat piece of ground, safely away from any other traffic. Ensure that your warning triangle is placed far enough in advance of your vehicle so approaching vehicles are aware that you are there before they get to you.
  2. Get your spare wheel out of your boot. They are usually stored under the floor of your boot, you should also have a jack and a wrench.
  3. Loosen the wheel nuts while the car is still firmly on the ground. You might need to remove the hub cap.
  4. Use the jack to raise the car.
  5. Finishing loosening the wheel nuts once the tyre is completely off the ground and remove the wheel.
  6. Replace the old wheel with the new, fully functioning wheel. Start to tighten the wheel nuts
  7. Lower the car back to the ground and remove the jack. Then finish tightening the wheel nuts.
  8. Store your old wheel and tools back in your boot and check your new tyre is secure.

You have now successfully changed a tyre – your newly fitted spare is only suitable for driving short distances so it is worth getting the old one repaired an refitted as soon as you can.

It is worth making sure that your team are all aware of how to change a tyre. You can buy all the best vehicle tracking units and fleet management systems, but if your team can’t deal with a situation on the road they will be stuck until you can get someone to them.



Fiona Taylor is the Sales Manager at award winning Satmo Vehicle Tracking. If you feel you need help with your fleet, want to gain back control, save some money and time then please get in touch.

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