If only GPS tracking could be used for everything

gps tracking

What is the best use of GPS tracking?

Do you use GPS to help you out during the day? Have you got vehicle tracking at work or do you use the gps on your phone to help you find places? GPS can be a great tool to help you in and out of work. But what do you think would be a brilliant use for GPS in your everyday life?

The missing keys

lost keysAre you always putting your keys down and not remembering where they are? Do you have the special someone that you live with you tidies things away so well that nobody can find them? How useful would it be if you could just log in and see exactly where your keys are? Many an argument would be stopped straight away with the key tracker.

odd socks

That missing sock

How annoying is it when you have done your washing and you get everything back except a couple of socks. And it is never a pair that you are missing, just odd socks! Where do all the socks go? Is there a magic sock place that we don’t know about? Never have the odd sock problem again with the special adapted sock gps tracking unit!

remote control

Where is the remote?

Have you heard anyone shout this in your house? Where is the remote? Have you got the remote? Are you sat on it? Have you been forced to get up because nobody believes that you aren’t sat on the remote. Surely you would feel that? What would life be like if you had a gps tracker for the remote? You could finish watching your tv show and get up, get the remote and change the channel with no shouting at all.

Lost purse

I have done this a number of times. I know that I always keep my purse in my handbag, except that one time that I took it out and it was on the shelf. Oh and that other time when I had left it in the car. Or that time it was in my coat pocket. Apart from all the times that I don’t have it in my bag, it is always in my bag!

Do you know that feeling though, when you think you have lost your purse, or wallet? You suddenly go cold from head to toe. Imagine never having that feeling again because with the special purse tracker you will always know where your stuff is.

I am being silly, gps tracking is useful for a number of things in your personal and business life, but it can’t be used for finding odd socks.

If it could be used for anything though, what would you really want to keep track off? Let us know in the comments.


Fiona Taylor is the Sales Manager at award winning Satmo Vehicle Tracking. If you feel you need help with your fleet, want to gain back control, save some money and time then please get in touch.

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