Eternal Lawns & Satmo Case Study

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Eternal Lawns wanted to minimise the possibility of vehicle problems. They future proofed their business with vehicle tracking from Satmo.

Eternal Lawns was established in 2012 and have grown into Yorkshires premier suppliers and installers of artificial grass. They also offer a full garden make over package and can offer installation of fencing, paving and decking. They have 7 vehicles in the fleet with trackers fitted and may look to add more in the future.

What was the problem?

The team at Eternal Lawns didn’t have the trackers fitted to solve an existing problem, they had them to try to prevent issues in the future.

Knowing where their vehicles are, what time they have arrived on site, and how they are being driven is a big plus for the team at Eternal Lawns.

“Customers often ring us to ask what time to expect the installation team and with the Satmo tracking system, we can give them an accurate arrival time”

Why vehicle tracking as a solution?

The team saw vehicle tracking as the perfect solution to improve their efficiency, productivity, and accountability. It means they can now see the route the drivers are taking to site and divert them if they spot any traffic problems. Having a vehicle tracking system fitted on the vans for remote workers means that the management team have a greater peace of mind. They like to know that they can monitor the whereabouts and make sure their staff members are safe. The team also feel that it also gives them greater security for the vans.

Why Satmo?

Eternal Lawns felt that Satmo offered a product that could be tailored to their needs at a competitive price.  It was also important to them to use a local company, a policy that sits well with their ethics.

How does your business work differently because of the Satmo tracking solution?

We haven’t really changed the way we work since installing Satmo tracking solutions, but it has made us more efficient and has increased productivity.

Eternal Lawns sweeper

“Since using the Satmo tracking system, we have improved our customer service, improved driver and vehicle efficiency and can now access information that saves the company significant amounts of money across the fleet.”

How can Eternal Lawns help you?

Whether you are a domestic customer, landscape gardener, contractor or garden designer, Eternal Lawns have an expansive, innovative product range, enabling you to create individually unique outdoor living rooms to enjoy all year round and that always look good.

Their products allows you to transform any area into a stylish space you or your client can enjoy spending more time in. The artificial grass products are renowned for their realism, practicality, vibrancy and affordability.

According to Eternal Lawns, there is a perfect grass for every eventuality, including lawns, roof terraces, pool sides, holiday homes, putting greens and play areas. You just need to choose yours.

They also offer full maintenance contracts ensuring that your grass is maintained via ourselves to optimum levels.

Benefits of artificial lawns

  • Fully UV Stabilised
  • Water Resistant
  • Free Draining
  • Flame Retardant to BS 4790
  • Low Maintenance
  • Most Installations Done in a Day
  • Perfect for Pets
  • Super Soft for Kids
  • Allergy Free
  • Green All Year Round
  • No Mowing or Feeding – Kinder for the Environment
  • No Mud or Mess

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Find out more

Want to know more about Eternal Lawns

Find out more about Eternal Lawns can help you or your clients by visiting their website.

If you would like to be part of a case study about how Satmo has helped your business then please give Fiona a call in the office on 01274 587748, or email your details to and we will get all the necessary details from you.


Fiona Taylor is the Sales Manager at award winning Satmo Vehicle Tracking. If you feel you need help with your fleet, want to gain back control, save some money and time then please get in touch.

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