How much do you know about your vehicle quiz

vehicle quiz

Running a vehicle is easy – yes?

How about a bit of fun for a Friday. How well do you know your vehicle quiz time. How often should you change your oil? How much do you know about tyres? Here at Satmo we know everything about vehicle tracking but how much do we know about running a car?

Here’s a little vehicle quiz for you to see how well you know your vehicles;

Question 1

If the light pictured here appears on your dashboard, what does it mean?

check engine light - vehicle quiz

A – The fuel filter needs to be replaced, B – The engine needs to be checked, C – The hand-brake is engaged, D – There is a malfunction with your vehicles airbag

Question 2

Where could you find a spare wheel for a vehicle?

A – in the boot, B – under the vehicle in a cradle, C – on the outside of the vehicle, D – all of the above

Question 3

From the right, which way round are your pedals?

A – accelerator, brake, clutch, B – Clutch, brake accelerator, C – brake, clutch accelerator, D – accelerator, clutch, brake

Question 4

The recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle can be found inside the door panel?

True or False

Question 5

How often should a vehicle have an oil change?

A – every 3 months, B – every 6 months, C – once a year, D – when the oil light comes on

Question 6

What does ABS stand for?

A – Automatic braking system, B – Automated braking system, C – Anti-lock braking system, D – Absolutely boring stuff

Question 7

How often should your front and rear brakes be serviced?

A -every 3 months , B – every 6 months, C – every year, D – every other year

Question 8

A red light appearing on your dashboard means that you should pull over and ask for assistance?

True or False

Question 9

What is the oil filter used for?

A – Removes dirt and metal shavings, B – Protects your engine, C – Makes your oil last longer, D – All of the above

Question 10

What is tyre rotation?

A – Adding weight to the tyres to ensure that they are balanced, B – Evaluation the pressure in the tyres, adding more if required, C – Changing the position of the tyres on the vehicle to ensure that they wear evenly, D – Spinning the tyres on the vehicle to look for issues


Check your answers below;

1 – B – The engine needs to be checked

2 – D – all of the above

3 – A – accelerator, brake, clutch

4 –  True

5 – B – every 6 months

6 – C – Anti-lock braking system

7 – C – every year

8 – True

9 – D – All of the above

10 – C – Changing the position of the tyres on the vehicle to ensure that they wear evenly


How did you do?  Why not tweet us @satmotracking to tell us how many you got right.


Fiona Taylor is the Sales Manager at award winning Satmo Vehicle Tracking. If you feel you need help with your fleet, want to gain back control, save some money and time then please get in touch.