Use of telematics across the country

Use of telematics across the country


RAC Business conducted a a national survey, and the results showed that the use of telematics is widespread amongst businesses within the UK.  Companies are using the technology for a number of reasons, not just simply tracking their vehicles.



  • Around the UK, 45% of businesses in Londin said they have telematics, above the national average of 38%, followed by Scotland and the North East of England, which both report telematics levels of 44%.
  • Parts of the UK with the lowest take-up include Northern Ireland (27%), Wales (30%) and the North of England (30%).
  • 8% of UK firms across all industry sectors reported savings on their vehicle fuel bills due to telematics.
  • 55% reported a reduction in wear and tear, and 48% said there was a reduction in downtime for their vehicles.
  • 43% of firms use telematics to support their duty of care policies, while 58% saw a reduction in speeding incidents and fines, and 52% claimed a reduction in accidents involving staff.

Have you implemented vehicle tracking already but don’t use it to its full potential?  Are your tracking provider giving you access to all the information that you need to make full use of the system to help your business?  This is a software solution that you are paying for – if you are not using it to its full potential then you and your business are missing out.


If you would like to learn more about exactly how vehicle tracking can help your business, or would like to see how our solution can be tailored to your business, then leave us your details here and one of the team will call you back.  Or you can call us on 01274 587748 and we will be able to show you what is different with Satmo, and how we can make tracking your vehicles, and using the data much simpler for you.


**data taken from RAC Business survey, reported in Fleetworld, July 2016


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