Tracking for the construction industry

plant tracking benefits

Do you have a number of pieces of plant at your yard?  Are you sending pieces of plant out and are not sure if they are being used longer than the agreement that you have?  Do you have a full view of your pieces of plant machinery?

You need a business partner who is a leading provider of security tracking and telematics, a company who design their product specifically for the needs of the construction industry, a supplier who wants to work with you to streamline your business.

You need plant tracking from Satmo.Copyright: <a href=''>diagon / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

With custom reporting, real time tracking and instant alerts you can be working more efficiently than before.  At Satmo we have our own in-house development team who can tailor the solution to meet your needs.


Key benefits of plant tracking from Satmo

  1. Accurately measure running hours to simplify billing
  2. Highlight servicing times
  3. Verify delivery times
  4. Ensure the safety and security of your fleet
  5. Access key information anywhere, anytime
  6. Lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs
  7. Increase asset utilisation

Plant machinery is highly vulnerable to theft and misuse costing the construction industry millions each year in losses.  By installing plant tracking you can minimise your risk by being able to spot, at a glance, any attempted theft or misuse.  In the UK theft of plant and machinery is one of the ever-growing areas in vehicle crime, so much so that according to recent reports, up to £400 million is being stolen each year and only 5% of that is every recovered.  Plant tracking in your fleet can minimise your risk by being able to spot, at a glance, any attempted theft or misuse.  Don’t let your plant or business be at risk, especially when operating margins could mean the loss of one JCB could wipe out all the profits on a contract.

The WEBTRACK PLANT™ tracking system from Satmo gives you full visibility of your plant allowing you to remain in control of your assets.  No longer will you have to spend hours trying to work out where your plant has been left, who it has been hired by, how long it is hired out for and if it is being misused.

Call one of the team now on 01274 587748 and they can help you gain back control of your plant machinery.


Fiona Taylor is the Sales Manager at award winning Satmo Vehicle Tracking. If you feel you need help with your fleet, want to gain back control, save some money and time then please get in touch.