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3 questions I always get asked about the Satmo software

During my visits to potential customers or whilst i’m networking I often get asked the same 3 questions. Questions about the Satmo software and vehicle tracking system that we offer;

1 – Is that all it costs?
2 – Does it tell me where my vehicle is?
3 – Can I check it away from the office?’

So I thought that I would give you all the answers.

Is that all it costs?

The Satmo vehicle tracking system is a very cost effective solution, we don’t have the huge overheads of some of the larger tracking companies so we can pass the savings onto our customers.

A leased contract can be done for as little as £10.99 + vat per month. Save just 1 hour of overtime a month that doesn’t actually need to be paid and the system has more than paid for itself.

Does it tell me where my vehicles are?

key map functionsOf course. Your vehicles are shown on a live map screen that will show you the location of each vehicle. It will also show where they are in relation to each other.  You can also drill down to look at a specific vehicle in more depth. Just click on the vehicle in the list on the left hand side of your live screen and it will zoom in to show you exactly which bit of road the vehicle is on.

The activity screen will also update you with this information – you can see a breakdown of;

  • where each vehicle has been,
  • where it has started and finished each journey,
  • and the route it has taken.

The Satmo software will also show you the current position it is at whilst it is driving so no matter which page you prefer to look at you will always be able to see where your vehicles are.

Can I check the Satmo software away from the office?

Yes, you have a secure website that houses your data.  You will have a login id and a password set up once your site is live. You can then log in from anywhere with an internet connection.

The site is responsive enough to know whether you are looking at it on a smart phone, a tablet or a computer. It ensures that you can see the features that you need whilst you are out and about on site or at the office.

One thing that I have noticed while out and about is that the one feature that gets one of the biggest responses is the fact that the vehicle icons can be changed. They can be whatever vehicle shape you prefer. And you have a choice of colour so you can actually match them to your fleet.

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If you would like to see the demo site, or have any questions, please give me a call on 01274 587748 and I will be more than happy to help you.

Alternatively you could leave your details here and I will call you back.

Let the Satmo software maximise your fleet.



Fiona Taylor is the Sales Manager at award winning Satmo Vehicle Tracking. If you feel you need help with your fleet, want to gain back control, save some money and time then please get in touch.