Idling is costing your business money.

idling costs

Vehicle idling is costing your business more money that you realise.

Do you have drivers sitting in their vehicles at the side of the road with their ignitions on? Are you worried about them doing this? You should be.  Idling like this on a regular basis is having a huge impact on your business. Maybe you don’t even realise this as you don’t have the information available for you.

Fuel is a massive cost to any business that run a fleet of vehicles, no mater what size.  A litre of diesel rose to £1.13 at the end of September amid speculation about a cap on oil production, according to the RAC.  The average price has not been that high since August 10 last year.

How much is idling costing you?


The amount of extra fuel your vehicles are using by idling is staggering – some of these numbers are eye watering!

How can Satmo help you reduce unnecessary idling in your workforce?

Having vehicle tracking fitted will help you in a number of ways, you will be able to see where your vehicles are, where they have been, what speeds they have been driven at, and have they been idling.

It isn’t about give your drivers a telling off, it is about educating them. Show them that sitting in the van to finish their paperwork is fine, but don’t sit with the ignition on and waste the fuel.

Even if you assume that each transit van driver does 6 drops a day, with 5 minutes idling at the end of each drop, that’s 1/2 an hour a day.  That will cost you £311.88 in fuel over the course of a year.  A 3 year All Inclusive deal from Satmo will only cost you £395 plus fitting for 3 years of tracking and support.

You could use vehicle tracking to improve your productivity and make your business more efficient. Therefore you could lower your operating costs, and improve your customer service.

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Fiona Taylor is the Sales Manager at award winning Satmo Vehicle Tracking. If you feel you need help with your fleet, want to gain back control, save some money and time then please get in touch.