How well do you know your road signs?


New research carried out on behalf of Kwik Fit has revealed substantial gaps in the average drivers knowledge of the Highway Code, with many failing to understand road sign meanings.

  • On average, only 79% of UK road signs were correctly identified by the drivers questioned.
  • While 40% admitted that not being able to understand a sign or being confused over its meaning had led to problems on the road.
  • The most common mistakes due to misinterpreting road signs were found to be breaking the speed limit (16%), braking suddenly (15%) and having to slow down, causing traffic to build up (9%).
  • Perhaps recognising the gaps in their knowlegde, 68% said that the driving theory test and hazard perception tests should be re-taken every 15 years.

Here’s a little quiz for you to see how well you know your road signs;


Question 1

A – Hump bridge, B – Traffic calming hump, C – Low bridge, D – Uneven road

Question 2









A – No entry for vehicular traffic, B – No stopping, C – Stop and give way, D – No through road

Question 3










A – One way traffic, B – Ahead only, C – Priority over oncoming vehicles, D – End of two way road

Question 4









A – No right turn ahead, B – No motor vehicles, C – No u-turns, D – No reversing


Question 5









A – No trams ahead, B – Oncoming trams, C – Trams crossing ahead, D – Trams only


Question 6









A – Through traffic to use left lane, B – Right hand lane T-junction only, C – Lane ahead closed, D – 11 tonne weight limit

Question 7









A – Level crossing with barrier or gate ahead, B – Gated road ahead, C – Level crossing without gate or barrier, D – Cattle grid ahead

Question 8









A – Cyclists must dismount, B – Cycles are not allowed, C – Cycle route ahead, D – Cycle in single file

Question 9









A – No motor vehicles, B – End of motorway, C – No through road, D – End of bus lane

Question 10






A – Parking for pedal cycles only, B – Contra-flow pedal cycle lane, C – With flow pedal cycle lane, D – No pedal cycles


Check your answers below;

1 – A – hump bridge

2 – C – stop and give way

3 – B – ahead only

4 – C – no u-turn

5 – C – trams crossing ahead

6 – C – lane ahead closed

7 – A – level crossing with gate or barrier ahead

8 – C – cycle route ahead

9 – B – end of motorway

10 – C – with flow pedal cycle lane


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