Can you be carbon neutral when your business runs a fleet?

Can you be carbon neutral when your business runs a fleet?

Satmo knows how important it is to look at making your business carbon neutral – but how easy is this when your business involves running a fleet of vehicles?

We see much more importance being placed on businesses lowering their emissions, and due to increasing legislation, business owners now all have a responsibility to make the effort to make their businesses and fleets more eco-friendly.  This doesn’t have to negatively impact your budgets, in fact installing vehicle tracking to help you on the road to becoming carbon neutral can make your business more efficient and therefore more profitable.
You can take back control of your fleet once you have a vehicle tracking system installed, you can cut out any unnecessary idling, reduce speeding events, and educate your drivers about the inefficeint ways they drive that wastes fuel, adds to wear and tear on the vehicle and produces excessive CO2 emissions.

The Satmo vehicle tracking solution has an easy to run report that will show you your carbon footprint for each vehicle, and show you the cost of making your fleet carbon neutral. The system will look at the mileage done by each vehicle and then predict the total mileage for the year, and give you the cost associated with making your fleet carbon neutral.

Having access to the carbon footprint data and driver behaviour reporting can also give your business a boost on social media and in the open.  If you’re doing your best to save the environment, tell the world about it, tweet it, Facebook it, be proud that you are doing your bit.

But what options are available for you if you are looking at reducing your carbon footprint?

Planting is a great way to take a step towards neutralising your carbon emissions.  Trees absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis to produce oxygen and wood.  If you ensure that the trees that are planted are a native, broad leaf species then you help to preserve the environment and biodiversity in the UK.

There are businesses that you can contact who will help you to make carbon offsetting part of your corporate social responsibility programme.  You can ‘pledge a tree’ and it will be planted and grown in an area of your choice.  Each tree will offset about 1 tonne of carbon.

Don’t let your business cost you the earth.  Call Satmo now on 01274 587748 to find out how we can help you become more eco-friendly, and how we can help reduce your carbon footprint.


Fiona Taylor is the Sales Manager at award winning Satmo Vehicle Tracking. If you feel you need help with your fleet, want to gain back control, save some money and time then please get in touch.